If you have your own well and septic tank and are not hooked up to a local municipal water system, it is up to you to keep your water system running smoothly and to keep your water clean and healthy. 

#1 Change Your Cartridges & Disinfect Your Plumbing System

In the warmer months, harmless organisms can create a bio-film inside of your well and plumbing that can give your water a strange smell. To prevent your water from smelling strange and unappealing, you need to change your cartridges and disinfect your plumbing system. 

When you remove the cartridges from your water system, you should add in a tiny splash of bleach into your sump pump. Let the water and bleach sit for a few minutes after you've re-pressurized your system, then run a few drains to flush the bleach out of your sump pump and to clean your plumbing system at the same time. Ideally, you should flush the drains where you are concerned about odors developing or where you have noticed odors developing. The bleach you added to the system will move through the pipes and kill the organisms that are creating micro-film within your plumbing system. 

#2 Watch Out For Sediment Build-Up

In the summer, many homes use more water than they do throughout the rest of the year due to watering and taking care of outdoor plants and vegetation. This additional water usage can cause sediment to get more stirred up inside of your well. If you use more water in the summer months, you should make sure that the water you use for your lawn and garden is bypassing your treatment system. This will help reduce the build-up of sediment in your well during periods of high water use. 

If you notice that your water pressure drops at all during the summer months, it may be because additional sediment was stirred up and your cartridges filled up much faster than normal and need to be replaced again. Depending on how much additional water you use during the summer time and how your water system is set up, you may need to change your cartridges a few times during the summer.

#3 Install A Water Purifier

Finally, a great way to ensure that your water is safe and clean to drink is to install a water purifier on the primary faucet where you get your drinking water. There are many water purifying systems that fit right over your faucet and can be installed in a matter of minutes. These water purifying systems can filter out anything that gets past your own water system and will help ensure that the water you are drinking is always fresh and clean. 

If you notice that your sump pump needs to be serviced, contact a company like Deckman Electric Inc for assistance.