Outdoor outlets are exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and can stop working for various reasons. Before you contact the professionals, like Craftsman Electric Inc, take a moment to see if one of these troublesome issues is the cause of your outdoor outlet not working.

Is the Breaker or Fuse Tripped?

When you check the breaker and fuse box, be sure to turn the breaker/fuse off and on again to ensure it is resetting properly. It could be a bad connection. If the breaker is okay and is still functional, try plugging another appliance such as a lamp into the outlet to see if it works.

Check the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

Most outlets are labeled GFCI to indicate its presence. If you have noticed a red button on your switch, it has a GFCI that is used to reset and test the switch. It can be reset by pushing the red button. If the current flow is jeopardized for potential shock hazards, it will automatically shut the power off to the switch.

Check the Outlet

It may become necessary to open the outlet to diagnose the problem. Be sure to cut the power to it before you begin checking for loose screws or wires in the outlet. However, if you have aluminum wiring, you should call a certified technician. The wire will not be a dull orange indicating it is copper; it will be a dull gray. The outlet shouldn't be used if there is any blackening around the plug area. It could start an electrical fire and should be replaced immediately.

Check if Two Outlets Not Working

If more than one outside outlet is placed on the same circuit breaker and the breaker is in the on position, you need to check all of the outlets. If they are on a GFCI system, it is possible one has clicked off and the other one could be okay. Check each outlet and reset to fix this particular issue.

Even though outdoor outlets have a protective cover, they can still be affected by the weather and its changing elements. Humidity can also cause the outlet to quit working. You may need to install weatherproof covers to fix this problem. These are some of the most common issues that can prevent the outdoor outlet from working as it should. In many cases, it is a process of elimination. However, if you as the do-it-yourself handy person can't figure out what is causing the issue; it could be time to call a licensed electrician to diagnose the problem.