If you have a swimming pool in your backyard and you enjoy using it during nighttime hours for relaxing dips in the water, adding lighting to the area can make your time in the pool even more restful. When adding lighting to a backyard pool, it is important to keep the illumination subdued to help keep insects away from the area and create the ambiance you desire. Here are a few options that will help you achieve a relaxing atmosphere.

Add Lighting To The Pool's Interior

One great way to add the feeling of relaxation to your pool is to have lighting installed within the interior walls. This will help keep swimmers safe as the lighting will provide illumination of the area they are using, helping to keep people from injuring each other as they take a dip. An electrician, like those at DCS Electric, will need to be hired to install lighting properly. 

Lights themselves can be purchased from a pool service or through an electrician seasoned in doing pool light services. Many find that colored lighting gives their pool a unique appearance. Some lights even switch colors at timed intervals, giving the area a peaceful aura to those in the vicinity.

Adorn Fencing With Decorative Holiday Lights

If you want your pool to have a festive feel, consider adding holiday lights around the perimeter of your fence to light up the area so it is seen from afar. Small white or colored light wires can be woven through fencing to highlight the area. These can be plugged into an electrical outlet on your home using an extension cord if needed. Simply plug in the lights before heading out to your pool.

Use Torches And Other Non-Electrical Lights To Illuminate The Area

If you wish to use temporary lighting options because there is no available outlet to add lighting around your pool, turn to non-electrical lights to do the work for you. Put a few citronella tiki torches in the ground around your pool to give it a glow while keeping mosquitoes away from the area. If you have furniture around your pool, set a battery-operated candle upon each table to give off a bit of light. These will flicker like a real candle without the worry of something catching on fire. 

Place solar-powered lights in flower planters on the pool patio to help give off light. If you wish to add lighting to the surface of your pool's water, use glow sticks and balloons to give your pool a fun lighting effect. Insert a lit glow stick inside of a balloon before blowing it up and tying it to secure the light inside. Do this with several balloons and set them on the surface of the water. They will drift along, adding some slight lighting to give you a restful feeling as you float past each one.