Electric motors are used in a variety of items. They can be found in welders, generators, electric scooters and go-karts, just to name a few things. Regardless of what your electric motor is found in, it is important that you recognize the signs that something is not right with the motor. These signs indicate the motor may be failing and if you do not have electric motor repair done when these signs begin to emerge, you may blow the motor. If this happens, the motor will likely need to be replaced, not just repaired. Here are three common signs that your electric motor may need repair.

Your Motor is Giving Off Excessive Heat

In some cases, you can see that an electric motor is giving off excessive heat. This may show itself as smoke. However, in other cases, it can be challenging to tell. As you work with your electric motor, you may notice that the metal surrounding the motor, or the air in the room you are using the tool in, becomes hotter than normal. If this occurs, there is a good chance it is because the motor is giving off excessive heat. This is typically caused by a loose or burnt connection. Fixing this problem can solve the problem before the motor overheats and burns out.

Dirty Housing Openings

Dirt, dust and residue should not be making their way into the motor housing area. This is because this debris can cause issues to the motor bearings and cause the motor to run less efficiently. If debris makes its way into the housing unit and then the bearings, the bearings may need to be repacked. If the debris makes its way to the engine, the engine may need to be replaced. If you notice debris making its way into the housing openings, you will want to clean the debris and then figure out why it is making its way there. A dirty air filter or using the motor in an environment where it shouldn't be used may be causing the problem. Have the engine and bearings cleaned to ensure no problems arise from a dirty housing opening.

Excessive Vibration

The last sign that your electric motor may need repair is excessive vibration. If a motor is failing, it may vibrate more than normal. This can make the item you are using, such as a generator or electric scooter, bounce or vibrate. Unfortunately, this can also be caused by loose bolts or poor air intake. However, if you don't know why excessive vibration is occurring, it may be because your motor is having alignment problems that need to be looked at.

If your electric motor is giving off excess heat, is vibrating more than normal or has a dirty housing opening, it may be in need of repair. Knowing what the signs of an electric motor needing repair are can help you diagnose the problem and take it to a professional before irreparable damage occurs. To learn more, contact a company like Hackworth Electric Motors Inc.