If you are investing a lot of money to build your forever home, and you want to make sure that everything is perfect and affordable, talk with your builder about contracting in the right residential electrician. There are a lot of electricians that can help you create a property that functions off solar power, and that has all the latest technology features at the same time. Here are a few of the things you'll want to talk with your builder and an electrician about.

Solar Powered Options

There are a lot solar powered options you can put on the exterior of the home to help power the house and save you money. The amount of sunlight your home gets throughout the day, the direction if faces, and what system you choose will determine how much you can run your home off solar energy. Let your building contractor know you would like to run the property as much as possible off this option, which is great to have when storms hit or the power goes out.

Surround Sound, Security and Phone System

A surround sound system for music inside and outside of the home, a security system with sensors and an intercom system, and a phone system throughout the house are items you want to install before the drywall is put up, so you don't have to tear through any of the walls to add it later.

Being able to play music throughout the property, to contact everyone through one single intercom system, and having a great security system are all features that you're going to use regularly, and that can make living in the property easier.

Wireless House Controls

Do you want to be able to control everything inside your home while you're away from it, like the garage door and entrances, or the power and electrical devices? If so, ask about a central control panel that you can activate and use on your smart phone, tablet or just online.

Since you are taking the time and spending the money to build your own custom home, you want to include the latest technologies that you may want to add later on. Doing this at the time of the build makes it easier for the electrician to do all the work without having to do any damage to the property, and then additional painting and other work won't be needed if you added at a later time. Visit http://www.centralmt.com/ for more information.