Serious electrical issues often seem to be one of those problems that creeps up overnight. You may think that your wiring is fine, but one day when you attempt to plug something in, you find that the power in your home shuts down, leaving you in the dark. However, although some electrical problems do crop up without warning, there are often signs that your wiring system is in trouble. Use this information to learn more about the signs indicating that it's time to have your electrical wiring system seen by a professional.

You Have Charred Outlets

One of the telltale signs of faulty wiring is outlets that are charred or have taken on a blackened appearance. This is a serious issue that should not be overlooked by any means.

When there are black blemishes on the cover of your outlets, this actually indicates that a mini-fire has taken place.  Although you may not smell smoke or see flames erupting from the outlet, the blackened area could mean that there is a buildup of heat behind the outlet that may eventually cause a short that creates a major electrical fire. If the fire starts while you are either asleep or not at home, the results could be devastating.

Pay attention to the outlets in your home so you can take steps to get professional assistance if the discoloration appears. Also, be sure to always use lightly colored outlet covers. Black or other darkly colored outlet covers could mask the charred appearance that you need to be on the lookout for.

Buzzing Sounds Near Your Outlets

Another sign that your electrical wiring system may be in trouble can be detected by your ears. If you start to hear mild buzzing noises coming from your outlets, it could mean that one or more of the wires behind the outlet has begun to fray. This reduces the insulation on the wiring and causes the current to jump. When the current jumps, it causes a buzzing sound that you definitely don't want to ignore.

Staying alert and vigilant is the best way to keep an electrical problem from growing out of control. The moment you notice any one of these signs, call in the help of a professional electrician right away who can let you know whether the issue can be repaired or it's time to get new electrical wiring.

For more information about electrical repairs, talk to an electrician near you.