Does running your newly installed heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system always cause the circuit breakers to trip in your house? It is possible that the power demands of the HVAC system are more than the electrical panel was designed to handle. Take a look at this article to gain more insight about what types of problems might occur when an electrical panel has insufficient amps.

1. Burning Odors from Outlets & Fixtures

If there are burning odors in your house, try standing near electrical outlets and fixtures to see if the odor becomes stronger. It is possible that the burning odor stems from the wiring in the walls and ceilings becoming too hot. When wires overheat in more than one room of a house, it is a sign of low amps in the electrical panel than can't meet all of the power demands.

2. Electronic Devices Feel Abnormally Hot

Walk around your house and find out if the electronic devices that are plugged into outlets are abnormally hot. For instance, you can feel around on the refrigerator and your computer tower for abnormal heat. If you notice too much heat, unplug the device, because it might be at risk of sparking a flame due to a lack of amps from the electrical panel.

3. Lights That Go Dim & Flicker a Lot

Lights that flicker and go dim are some of the common problems that occur when there are electrical problems in a house. If the electrical panel is the root of the problem, you might only notice the flickering and dimming when appliances or other electronic devices are being used. Sometimes a faulty light fixture can cause flickering and dimming to occur.

4. Melted Power Cords

Take the time to examine the power cords in your house to make sure they are not damaged. For instance, electrical panel problems can lead to the cords melting due to wires getting hot. You can also look for discoloration on the cords, which can stem from burning taking place.

5. Electrical Wiring Makes Noises

You should not hear popping when turning on light switches or plugging up electronics. If you hear any popping come from the walls, outlets, fixtures or any electronic device, it is a sign of an electrical problem. Contact an electrician like one from Royal Plus Electric to find out if your electrical panel is in need of an upgrade as soon as you are able to.