Electrical issues can be a stressful and frightening problem for your home to encounter. Unfortunately, if you are a new homeowner, you may be unsure of the steps for handling some of the more common electrical problems that homeowners may encounter. By learning the answers to these two questions about routine electrical problems, you will find yourself better able to keep your home safe from these risks.

Are Power Strips The Best Option For Preventing Electronics From Being Damaged?

Electrical surges can be a damaging problem to your home's electronics. However, you may be under the impression that a power strip will protect these devices. Some power strips can offer limited protection against minor electrical surges, but it can be possible for extremely powerful or repeated power surges to damage your devices.

A better solution to protect your electronics against these surges may be to invest in a whole-house surge suppression system. These protective systems are installed on the home's primary power connection, which allows them to intercept potential electrical surges before they make it into your home's wiring system. While these systems can be somewhat expensive to install, this cost can be far less than what you would have to pay to repair the damages a powerful surge can cause.

What May Be Causing The Breaker Box To Have A Burning Smell?

A burning odor originating from the breaker box can indicate a potentially serious problem. Often, this odor can be due to dust in the breaker box becoming extremely hot, which can pose a fire risk. This issue can often stem from the insulation around the wiring starting to breakdown. Once the insulation is compromised, the electricity may be able to ignite surrounding materials.

Due to this threat, you should immediately turn off the breakers if you notice this smell and contact an experienced electrical contractor. They will be able to thoroughly examine the breaker box and test the wiring to determine the source of the problem. Often, repairing this problem may involve replacing some of the wiring inside the breaker box.

Understanding the steps that should be taken to protect your home against some of the more common electrical problems and risks that it can face is important for any homeowner. By making sure that you appreciate the limitations of surge suppressing power strips and the need to have the breaker box examined if it is making a burning smell, you will be in a better position for minimizing the problems these issues can encounter.