If you are having a new home built, now is the time to consider how many electrical outlets you will need. It is much more convenient to do this now than hiring an electrician to come back later to add more outlets. Below are some things you should consider before you tell the electrician how many to install.  

Outlets in Kitchen

Consider how many appliances you will need to plug up in your kitchen so you will have enough outlets. Besides your refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, you may have things like a bread machine, food processor, blender, cappuccino maker, and more. Also think of things you think you will purchase in the future. You may want to install under the cabinet lighting. If so, you have to decide if it will be hardwired, which will require no outlets, or wired, which will require outlets. Put some outlets higher up on the ceiling just in case you ever plan to move your microwave up higher.

If your kitchen has an island, install electrical outlets all around it so no matter where you are standing, you can use small electrical appliances.

Outlets in the Living Room

You likely have things that you need to charge and if you have children with smartphones, outlets will be used quite a bit. For example, they may need to charge their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Put outlets on each wall in the room so everyone has a place to plug in their device when needed. If you plan to hang a flat screen television on a wall, put an electrical outlet behind it so you can hide the cords.

You can also ask the electrician to install in floor outlets. For example, you may need the outlets so you can show off something sitting on a bookshelf or table. You also have to think about Christmas and where you will be placing the tree. Have the electrician install a switch for this plug so you can turn the tree lights off and on.

Outlets Outside

You should also decide how many electrical outlets you will need outside your home. For example, if you install Christmas lights each year, install outlets under the eaves of the roof to make it convenient to plug the lights in. Ask the electrician to connect these outlets to a switch so you can turn the outside lights off and on with ease.

You may need outlets for your landscaping, such as for a lighted water fountain or landscape lighting. If you have a large patio and plan to install an outside kitchen later, you will need many outlets.

Talk with your an electrical repair and installation specialist, as they can help you determine how many electrical outlets you will need.