You want every room in your home to be electrically sound, but your baby's room may be the most important of all to keep safe. You want to make sure that wires are not shorted out and that all outlets and fixtures are kept safely away from your baby's wandering hands. Here are three ways you can ensure your baby's room is safe from all electrical issues, from faulty wiring to exposed cords.

Get their room inspected

A licensed electrician can come to your home and inspect the current wiring in your baby's room to ensure that electrical currents are flowing as they should and there are no hot spots that can indicate shorting out wires. Using a device that tracks electrical currents, an electrician can track wiring to light fixtures and outlets, and can take fixtures and outlet covers apart to examine loose wires underneath. Electrical repairs can be made as needed.

Hide existing cords

Existing cords to lamps and other electrical devices should be hidden in your baby's room or stapled to the wall to keep them from being pulled on. You can paint over exposed cords to make them more discreet so your baby won't be tempted to chew, pull, or play with them after you have them stapled or taped down with electrical tape. If you can, tie ends of cords with zip ties and place them behind dressers, chairs, and other fixtures where your baby cannot reach them.

Cover all outlets

Babies get shocked by sticking their fingers, mouths, or other appendages into outlets when they are curious. A shock can be as mild as a simple jolt or can be serious enough to cause organ injury. The best way to protect your baby against accidental shock is to cover all outlets with plugs, electrical tape, or other means to keep their curious hands at bay. If your baby does get shocked, remove them from the outlet by using a non-metal object like a plastic or wooden broom handle and examine them for burns, dizziness and other symptoms. If your child is not responding to your touch or won't stop crying and you can't find anything physically wrong with them, take them to the ER or call their doctor right away so you can rule out possible dangerous injury.

Your baby's room should always be a safe place for them to sleep and play. An electrician can inspect your baby's room to make sure that there are no electrical issues, and you can take other precautions, such as hiding cords and blocking outlets, to keep your young child safe.