Investing in a wired doorbell can be a creative way of letting you know when guests arrive at your doorstep and taking out the hassle of people having to knock. If you already have one, you probably know that the doorbell can sometimes stop working or ring constantly. Here is a simple guide on how you can repair such problems on a defective wired doorbell. 

Fixing faulty wiring

The most common culprit for a doorbell that doesn't work is faulty or corroded wiring. First, remove the two screws attached to the doorbell switch so as to access the wiring. Turn the power off and clean up any corroded wires or tighten loose connections. If the wires are broken, you may have to call in an electrician like Dolce Electric to replace them with new ones so as to prevent the risk of a short circuit. After the wiring is fixed, turn the power back on and test the doorbell.

If the problem is not yet fixed, then the issue could be a defective doorbell button. Turn off the power at your main breaker to safely unscrew the two wires attached to the button. Then turn the power on and touch the two wires together. If the doorbell rings, then the problem is a defective button that needs replacing. 

Fixing a doorbell that rings constantly

If your wired doorbell rings continuously, a sticking button is the likely culprit. To confirm the button is faulty, unscrew the doorbell casing and detach on of the wires behind the button. If the doorbell stops ringing, then the button is damaged and needs replacing.

Another likely cause of this issue could be a short in the wiring. Unscrew the doorbell and inspect the wires behind for any cracks or missing insulation that could be causing the wires to touch. With the power turned off, insulate any damaged areas with masking tape. You should also consider calling in an electrician to check for hidden wiring that could be damaged to reduce the risk of an electrical fire. 

Check the doorbell transformer

A wired doorbell could also stop working if it isn't getting power from the doorbell transformer. Use a voltage multimeter to check if you have power in the doorbell switch itself and then check if AC power is reaching the transformer.

If the transformer is not converting voltage to the doorbell, then it has to be replaced immediately. Be sure to also repair any faulty wiring if you find it to prevent a short circuit that could damage your new doorbell transformer.