When you're planning a significant renovation in your bathroom, it's often a good idea to get multiple contractors involved. Hiring a plumber is a must, but it's also important to hire an electrician for the correct, safe handling of several jobs. Having this professional on board will allow you to design the bathroom of your dreams that can be enjoyed by you and your family in the years ahead. Here are some specific electrical jobs that your electrician will be able to complete during the renovation.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating can be useful in several locations throughout your home, but it's arguably the most pleasing in the bathroom. No one likes stepping onto the cold bathroom floor when needing to use the toilet in the middle of the night, nor is it pleasant to step out of a hot shower and be chilled by the floor. Your electrician will run wiring beneath the floor and connect it to a wall control panel. This will allow you to turn the radiant floor heating on and off, as well as set your desired temperature.

Built-In TV

Few things boost the luxury of a bathroom in the same manner as a TV that is recessed into the wall. While you might be able to install a wall-mounted TV on your own, your electrician will be able to build this entertainment device right into the wall, which will save space in the room. You can have the TV positioned in many different locations — some people favor having it where it can be seen from the toilet or while standing in front of the sink in the morning, while others will ask to have it mounted where it can be seen while lying in the bathtub.

Lighting Solutions

An electrician can offer a wide range of impressive lighting solutions that can dramatically improve the look and feel of the bathroom. Instead of the standard bathroom lighting that was installed when the house was built, consider pot lights in several locations throughout the room. Or, a bathroom mirror that has lights built into it to give your room a sleek, modern look. Some people who have bathrooms with high ceilings even favor a chandelier-style light hanging in the center of the room. If you're not sure about what lighting solution will work best in the space, your electrician will be able to offer examples of past work and help you find the right look.