Your garage contains numerous electrical tools, most of them high powered. This means an electrical fault in the garage can cause serious damages, injuries or even fatalities. Keep these safety tips in mind when installing electrical wiring in the garage or operating there:

Install Receptacles with GFCI Protection

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacle has an inbuilt protection that cuts off power if it senses a fault in the circuit that is allowing power to flow through an intended path.  GFCI protection is important in a garage because garages typically have high-powered instruments and equipment. Without GFCI protection, a malfunction of such equipment can cause serious damage (or even fatalities).

Have Dedicated Circuits for High Powered Equipment

An additional safety measure is to have dedicated circuits for high powered equipment. For example, equipment that uses 20 amps shouldn't share a circuit with other electrical appliances because that can easily overload the circuit and cause an electrical fire.

Don't Rely On Extension Cords

An extension cord doesn't increase the capacity of a circuit; it just increases the number of outlets available for use. This means the extension cord will still have the maximum power rating of the outlet in which it is plugged. Unfortunately, with that high number of outlets, it is easy to exceed the maximum rating. This is even more likely to happen in a garage with its high powered tools. Therefore, don't rely on extension cords in your garage; have an electrician install more outlets for you if the existing ones are inadequate.

Be Careful Where You Place Your Boxes and Tools

Damaged electrical cables are fire and shock risks. For example, when the insulation cover of a cable is damaged, the electrical conductor underneath is exposed and can easily cause an electrical shock. Placing tool boxes or heavy tools on electrical cables is a sure way of damaging them. Therefore, mind where you place tools and boxes if you want to keep your garage safe.

Make the Garage Extremely Bright

Lastly, it's advisable to use bright lights in your garage so that you can not only see clearly while you are working, but you can also see where to step on to avoid injuries. It is also wise to install overhead bright lights on their own dedicated circuit so that the light can stay on even in case of an electrical malfunction.

The first time you are wiring your garage, you should let a professional electrician handle it. That is the best way to ensure that the wiring is professionally and safely done. Contact a company like Dunedin Electric Co., Inc. for more information and assistance.