When you think of the electrical system that powers your facility, you probably think about wiring or maybe the electrical sockets. But if your electrical system is commercial-grade, there are a lot of other parts involved if you want to ensure a safe and efficient system. In particular, electrical switchgear like switches, isolators, and circuit breakers could be of particular importance. If you're not sure if your business has enough of this protective gear installed, here's why you should contact a local electrician to inspect your system today.

Keep Overload From Affecting Your Entire System and Additional Machinery and Equipment

Whether your building experiences a power surge, you experience a malfunction that leads to an overload, or just plain human error causes a major issue with one section of your electrical system, you'll want to make sure that this surge or overload does not spread through the entire building or plant. You might have already lost one appliance or piece of machinery that's located near the source of the problem, but things will be much worse if you don't have a circuit breaker or other switchgear in place to keep the dangerous and harmful electrical current from spreading. The right switch or breaker will shut things down so you can fix the problem and then slowly get everything back online once it's safe again.

Protect Your Employees or Outside Help

Electrical switchgear is also pretty much a necessity when it comes time for your employees to do some maintenance work or repair that might put them near or in direct contact with the electrical system. Electrical switchgear like an isolator or switch can be turned on before there is a problem in order to ensure that electricity stays away from the area you or your other employees will be working on. Even if you are outsourcing your electrical work to a third party, you'll need to have these systems installed if you want to ensure the contractor can show up and begin work immediately.

Redirect Power as Needed

Electrical switchgear isn't just about protection though. Sometimes you might want additional power to make its way to a certain part of your building. Electrical switchgear can allow you to route multiple sources of electricity into the same load or the same section of your system. 

Your electrical system is more than just wires and sockets. You also need electrical switchgear to manage the current and protect your equipment and employees as needed. Contact a local electrician today for more information.