When you are planning a commercial renovation project for your business, mechanical systems are an important area to consider. Improvements can be made to the electrical systems, which can reduce your business's annual energy costs. The following electrical upgrades are some of the improvements you will want to consider for commercial renovations: 

Upgrading The Service And Installing Renewable Energy

The first area where you will want to consider electrical upgrades for your business is the service. Often, electrical meters, mains, and breaker boxes are undersized for commercial electrical installations' power needs. Therefore, you will want to talk to your electrical contractor about updating the service and the equipment. You will want to have more kilowatt-hours and more circuits for the breakers installed in your business.

Adding Dedicated Circuits to Important Equipment

Dedicated circuits can be another great investment that you will want to consider for commercial electrical renovations. Some of the areas where you may want to use dedicated circuits for your business include:

  • In-house IT infrastructure equipment
  • Specialized tools and equipment that pull a lot of electricity
  • Essential appliances that need to run around the clock

Having dedicated circuits ensure equipment is reliable and helps to monitor things like energy consumption.

Low-Voltage Systems For Different Power Needs

Another option that you are going to want to consider for the electrical upgrades is low-voltage wiring. The low-voltage systems are used for things like alarm systems and other mechanical designs. They can also be used with renewable energy systems and modern electronics that are low-voltage and efficient. These low-voltage installations can be used for some smaller electronics, as well as modern, efficient lighting installations.

Lighting Improvements to Complete Electrical Renovations

The lighting is something that should not be overlooked when renovating your electrical systems. There are plenty of solutions for commercial lighting that can be used to update your business with modern design and efficiency improvements. There are a lot of options for updating the old lighting with CFL or LED technology to improve the efficiency of the lighting design in your business. You may also want to consider using solar energy for some of the lighting features for your business's exterior.

The electrical improvement can be an excellent investment for the renovations you are planning for your business. For more information about commercial electrical services, like installations for upgrades, or other services, contact a local electrical contractor or electrical business.