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Network and Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in your network and infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Secure your web applications by uncovering and mitigating potential security flaws.

API and Web Services Penetration Testing

Ensure the security of your APIs and web services against potential threats.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Protect your mobile apps from vulnerabilities and enhance user data security.

Desktop Application Penetration Testing

Detect and resolve security issues in your desktop applications.

LLM and AI Penetration Testing

Safeguard your AI models and language learning modules from adversarial attacks.

Enterprise Wireless Penetration Testing

Secure your wireless networks against unauthorized access and potential breaches.

Red Team Operations

Simulate real-world attacks to assess and improve your organization's security posture.

Purple Team Engagements

Foster collaboration between your security teams to enhance overall defense strategies.

Physical Red Team Assessments

Test your physical security measures with simulated breaches and access attempts.

AWS Configuration Security Review

Optimize your AWS configurations to ensure robust security and compliance.

GCP Configuration Security Review

Strengthen your Google Cloud Platform settings to prevent security misconfigurations

Azure Configuration Security Review

Enhance your Microsoft Azure security by reviewing and improving configurations

Oracle Configuration Security Review

Secure your Oracle cloud environment with comprehensive configuration assessments

Firewall Configuration Security Review

Ensure your firewalls are configured to block unauthorized access and potential threats

Switch and Router Configuration Security Review

Optimize the security of your network devices to prevent unauthorized access

Server and System Configuration Security Review

Harden your servers and systems against potential vulnerabilities

Database Configuration Security Review

Secure your databases with thorough configuration reviews to prevent data breaches

Spear Phishing Simulation

Test your employees' awareness and response to spear phishing attacks

Digital Risk Assessment and Exposure Detection

Discover and mitigate digital risks through comprehensive open-source intelligence

Source Code Security Review

Identify and fix security vulnerabilities in your codebase

Smart Contract, dApps, and Web3 Security Review

Ensure the security of your blockchain applications and smart contracts

Adversarial Prompting Security Analysis

Protect your AI systems from adversarial manipulation and exploitation

Browser Extension Security Review

Secure your browser extensions against potential security threats

Our Credibility


From the initial consultation to the final report, Secure Guardians exceeded our expectations. Their team was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough, identifying vulnerabilities we hadn't considered. The insights provided have been invaluable to improving our security posture. We'll definitely be partnering with them again.

Tim Vandaroff (Co-Founder & CPO)

The professionalism and expertise displayed by Secure Guardians were top-notch. They conducted a comprehensive security assessment and provided a detailed report that was easy to understand. Their proactive approach and clear communication made the entire process smooth and efficient. We're looking forward to our next engagement with them.

Trace Partaker (CEO & Co-Founder)

We engaged Secure Guardians for a penetration test and were thoroughly impressed with their service. The team's expertise was evident throughout the process, and their final report was both detailed and actionable. Their work has given us greater confidence in our security systems. We'll definitely be using their services again.

Dragos Srugo (CISO & Partner)

The team at Secure Guardians was fantastic to work with. Their methodical approach to penetration testing uncovered several critical vulnerabilities that we were able to address promptly. The comprehensive report they provided was instrumental in our remediation efforts. I highly recommend their services.

Alex Han (Principal Security Consultant)